SAP FIORI-UI5 Course Content
1. Introduction to SAP UI5
a) Introduction to OData
b) ODATA Service Creation
c) SAP Net weaver Gateway Toolset , Service Builder
3. DATA Model
a) Entity Type
b) Entity Set
c) Properties , Navigation Properties
d) Associations ( Referential Constraints, Principal Entity, Dependent Entity )
e) Cardinality
f) Mappings
4. Runtime Artefacts
a) Model Provider Base
b) Model Provider Extension
c) Data Provider Base
d) Data Provider Extension
5. Service Maintenance
a) Registration in Hub Systems ( ECC/CRM/SRM/SCM/BI )
b) Maintain
c) Error log
d) Gateway Client
6. Service Implementation & OData Operations
a) Create
b) Delete
c) Update
d) GetEntity (Read)
e) GetEntitySet( Query )
f) Filtering and Projecting ($filter and $select)
g) Sorting ($orderby) , Counting ($count)
h) Client-Side Paging ($top, $skip, and $inlinecount)
i) Inlining ($expand) , Formatting ($format)
7. Service Generation via RFC/BOR Interface
a) Data Model Definition
b) Service Registration: Stub Creation
c) Service Maintenance
d) Service Implementation
e) Model Composition: Include Gateway Service
8. SAP UI5 (User Interface) Front end Design
a) Installation of Eclipse SAPUI5 Plugins
b) Configuration and Setup
9. Types of Model in SAP UI5
a) JSON Model
b) XML Model,
10. Binding
11. Data Type in SAPUI5
12. SAP UI5 Controls
a) Simple Controls
b) Complex Controls
c) UX3 Controls
d) Value Holders
e) Layouts, Dialogs
f) UI Design & Implementation scenario
13. SAP UI5 Screen Elements & Controls
a) Properties of SAP UI5 Screen Elements
b) Events of SAP UI5 Screen Elements
c) Application Header, Menu, Menu Bar, Menu Button
d) Image,Image Map, Horizontal Divider
e) Panel, Splitter { Vertical,Horizontal }
f) Checkbox, Radiobutton, DropDown
g) Paginator, Text Field, Text Area, Link To Action
h) Roadmap, Tabstrip
i) Progress Indicator, Slider, Range Slider,
j) Date Picker, Date Range Scroller, Date Range Slider
k) Table, Row Repeater
l) Pie, Donut chart
m) Tree
n) Dialog, Message Box
14. SAP UI5 Communication with the SAP Backend systems
15. Design & Implementation of End-to-End Applications
16. HTML Basis and introduction
a) Html Page Structure
b) Basic tags
c) Formatting tags
d) Forms and Input tags
e) Frames and Image tags
f) Audio , Video tags
g) Links, List tags
h) Table tags
i) Styles & Semantic Tags
17. CSS introduction
a) CSS Properties
b) Types of Style sheets( Internal, External, Inline )
c) CSS comments
d) Box model, padding, border, margin
e) Classes
f) Div and Span
g) working with colors- Background images
h) ID's, child selectors, pseudo classes
i) Styling links, styling lists
j) Rounded corners
k) Linear gradient
l) Float and clear
18. Scripting introduction
a) Introduction
b) Architecture
c) Configurations
d) Enhancements